One Sided love...

I write down every emotion,
Giving it words only to erase,
Cowardice in my thoughts,
Hesitation and fear in my way.
I frame and reframe
All that I have been dying to say.
But the torment of “what” and “if” put together,
Shatters me away.
I wonder if my confession would do any good,
Or maybe it would diminish completely
The little connection I have now been blessed with.
The smiles we exchange when we walk down the same lane,
Eyes that speak of passions that words fail to give way.
I go back down the memory road
remembering how we first met,
It makes my mind wonder and takes my breath away.
It’s been years since I first felt that kind of love,
And ever since have I tried my best to restrain.
And I guess I will choose and be that guy
Who looks at the moon and write verses,
Not because my emotions aren’t sincere enough,
But because I fear losing what I most cherish .