I was crying
And she was on my door
She took her wand
And came more close
My eyes were rolling
And so was her wand
lips murmuring some crazy chant

I saw the watch it was 12 the bold
Finally The day came
Which was being kept on timely hold
Life is about to change
And Change for good she promised me that
The gloomy eyes light up bright
The waiting was over
Time the love has to shower

The handsome prince
Found his horse
He will took a turn
And rush to my roads
I know not him
But dreamt of him
Not from now
But Back the ages…That’s the prophet of the sages

The date was chosen by the lord
How to meet him there was no chord
But she will make it possible
I believe ..it was set on heaven’s gate
Let me remind  you the date’s date is EIGHT..!

-my savage sin book 

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