When death sets us apart,
I would still watch over you.
Helpless I maybe,
But an ever present presence.

When death sets us apart,
I would still hug you at night,
You may not be able to feel,
But I would always be by your side.

I would wash away your tears,
Stand by you against your fears.
And when you put on the brave smile and try to move on,
I promise I would cheer.

I will watch over you when you shatter down again,
When you punch the walls,
Or break mirrors into pieces.
I promise I will be there,
Trying my best to comfort you still.

And then days would pass and turn into years,
You will fight the memories each night,
I promise I would hold you close through all those nightmares,
Until you can look back on them and not cry anymore.

And then one fine day you would learn to smile,
Carry our memories and move on with every stride.
And then you would fall for someone when years pass by,
I would watch over you live the happy times.
You two would rekindle the lost love again,
I may feel a little jealous but I’d know she’s the one.

My soul would drift with you,
Watch over you and embrace you whenever you need,
I would still be present and love you till eternity.