Death valley is a lake situated in beautiful hills of Aravali. Death valley, its beauty is something that will keep you mesmerized for a long time. All the atmosphere out there is tempting, and it calls you closer to itself.

I think the name of this place is suffice enough to pump adventure in you. So was the case with me.
I visited there with my friends for the first time and we all were spellbound after reaching there. The blue shiny water appeared like a crystal. The cool breeze, pleasing environment, terrifying silence makes every thing more adventurous. One can listen to the deepest silence there and can feel the terror right in there minds.

There is a small narrow path to reach there. No proper road facilities are there and few paths are even blocked to prevent students from reaching there. There is hardly any space for a car in that. Rocky path with broken glass bottles, leaning trees make it even more difficult to reach there. But if you are adventurous and looking for some thrill, this place is made for you.


After a half route, one can find a biggest banyan tree they have ever seen in there lifetime. It is half dried up, branches long enough to touch the ground. It gets even scarier in the dark. Its like that tree which is present in all most every horror movie. And it is enough to bring the shit out of you!

After crossing that comes a small hill, from where you can see the lake!
When we were on top of the hill and saw the lake at bottom, we all wanted to reach there the same moment. We all wished that if we could jump from there directly into the water. Your voice echo there. You can hear the hills and valleys chanting your name.
It is not a hillstation, but for all of us, it was hard to believe that we are not on a hill station. The water there is crystal clear, without any pollution. No traffic no noise no people no stalls no malls nothing. It is just you and the nature. Very few people are aware about this place and that is probably the biggest reason why it is still deprived of pollution.

No one can resist the feeling of visiting there again, unless he is fully aware about where is he going. . . .


Many, prefer not to visit there as it is one of the places that has counted most deaths of teenagers in recent time. It is a restricted zone, police and all the natives will advice you not to visit there. The google maps has blocked view of this place to prevent teenagers visiting here. There is no signal coverage in the area and filled of lots of confusing paths. So if you are lost in those rocky paths, with a two wheeler and no signal in your phone, and lots of trees to tear your skin off, then. . . . take care buddy !

There are several cases of teenagers getting pulled in that lake while swimming. Some call it as a mini bermuda triangle, some believe its because of super natural powers. Some believe that the density of water is less because of some past activities and thus people get pulled in.

So in the end the all I can say is, it is a beautiful place, with lots of adventurous things to do. If you are planning to visit there, then do carry a camera to capture a never seen before experience. But before visiting there, just ask your self that at what cost are you going to have that adventure. . .

No matter where I visit, death valley will remain among the most adventurous place I have ever visited in my life!

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