Dear Bestfriend,

It doesn’t matter if we are divided because of the geographical boundaries, because we are connected by heart. ❤So many years of togetherness, as best friends, and you gave me soooo much to remember.

A true friend freely advises justly, assists readily, adventures boldly, takes all patiently, defends courageously, and continues as a friend unchangeably.

And you, define this perfectly.

You are a reason of happiness for me,  (And i aint kiddin, no no. ) because today I remember u as someone I can trust and to whom I can devote my friendship and my affection to.

For some people, the passage of time seems cruel, but whenever it comes to us, i dont forget to thank God for the privilege of sharing such beautiful memories with u in all these years.

Moreover, i cannot forget to wish dat this bond lasts forever, indefinitely, for many years to come.

Isn’t the foundation of having u as a frnd, a  cause for celebration on merit, because in this case it is the merit of nature, is it not?

Thank you is just a word. Just a word for all that you’ve done and for all the happiness ❤(I know its too much to say all this, but m very happy since i found you. 🙂❤All the times we’ve fought together ! I mean, its u who keeps on apologizing to me for everything obviously.

The nights we spent talking about every irrelevant thing on this planet.

From hot chicks to dumb asses.
The times when i irritated u by singing songs.
The time when you shared things about your life with me.
The times when i shared things about my life to you.

U dont know how much i appreciate that.

Everytime you text me, and i reply after hours and u dont freak out a bit, i am very very grateful for that.

The way u guided me when i had problems with my life. And well, when i did the same. (Thoda credit toh mein bhi lungi ha. )

You were always there.
And i will always be there
I am  blessed by your presence in my life.

People like you deserve to be honored, simply because you are able to bring happiness to idiots like me.

That’s why I say, with all sincerity and with love…
I Love You Itnaaa… Tune socha na hoga utna.

You are the most caring, loving, irritating, non judgemental freak i have come across.
And i will stomp your ass if you change.

Stay the same beautiful soul. ❤
This was just a spect of dust from the desert. There is lot more to be said about you.
I know all this may sound cheesy, but still…

Sometimes, It is allowed. Right ?
When i said that i will be ur friend till my last breath, i meant that from the bottom of my heart. ❤
And yes, i know i have troubled u since day one, being a pain in the ass…
Aj yeh problem, toh kal kuch dusri.
Aj yeh nakhra, toh kal dusra.

And honestly, i am sorry for not replying promptly.
But trust me, that wasn’t intentional at all.
U know how things were at my place ri8 ?
I have written something for you, forgive me if it sucks.
Once again, since we haven’t met and u so away, as far as the timely boundaries are concerned,

All i can do, for you, is Promise…
To stay FOREVER !! ❤
And by Forever, i m e a n…

I promise that i will always be there to laugh with you, at all your funny moments.
I promise that i will always be there to wipe your tears, and to shove it up the ass of the person who has caused you the pain.
I promise that i will always be there…

To kick your ass when you go wrong,
To stand with you when there is nobody around,
To pick you up, when you fall on the ground,
To come and hold you tight, when the nights are not right,

I’ll be there for you even if you call
In the middle of the night,
I’ll be there with you to chase your fear and make everything clear,
I’ll be there for you when its raining heavily and u need an umbrella, or just someone to get wet with!

Trust me, i will always be there to help you with your fights,
I’ll do my best to protect you from harm
To keep you safe and well,
And when you have a problem hidden
I’ll be the one who you can tell,
I’ll take your darkest thoughts and turn it into a bright flame,

And although we are far apart
My love will still be the same, true and pure.
Coz i have been loving you from the first day and will always, till death takes me away.

And even if this world turns bitter and cold,
And you don’t know what to do.
I’ll be the one that’s there to hold,
Together we’ll pull through.

When you’re alone calling out for help
Struggling to even stand,
I’ll use my strength to keep you up
I’ll hold out to you, my hand.

And I know these are but just words on a page,
But they mean so very much more
They are everything that I promise to do.
They are everything for you,

I’d endure.
And I know I’m not as strong as before,
And maybe now I’m a little weak.

But my love for you still stands as strong,
Even when this world turns bleak.
You’ve given me a reason to live and to fight,
So I’ll live and will live with you!

I dont care what the world says, you have always stood by me and loved me and i will do the same till the end of infinity. ❤🙊Happy Friendship Day. 🙂


– Ur bestfriend? Naah, ur distant family. XoXo


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