Lets say you have planned a tour to some place, say GOA for the first time and there you have visited the famous BAGA beach. There you went for para-gliding and while you were floating in air enjoying every slightest second of that ever lasting experience. Now, all of sudden you got this sudden overwhelming familiarity of being there some other day in the past even though you haven’t seen this place till date. Take another example, lets say you’ve gone out for a dinner with your friends and there you guys started discussing present political issue’s(ahem ahem). There again, you felt like you have experienced this someday in the past already.

Now don’t feel skiddy or get deterred if you have felt so because there’s nothing weird or wrong with your head. And, it doesn’t mean you have time travelled or supernatural either(unless you are Edward Cullen). Well, in fact It’s all happening in your head and this happening effect is better known as DÉJÀ VU. Now, sit back and get yourself fascinated by the amazing facts behind the most enigmatic thing on this earth(aka brain) and this amazing phenomena of DÉJÀ VU.



   DÉJÀ VU is a French word which stands for “already seen” or happened. However, some opine this as your soul getting memories of your past life back whereas some still believe this as a paradox caused by combined consciousness occurred in between alternate earth’s, say similar occurrence in some other dimension (Hmm, regret it).

However, we don’t have any exact discipline nor curriculum for understanding this science because it is improper and cant be explained. While this may seem like some unique gift of yours, it actually isn’t. !! Sorry to say this, but almost 65% of our human’s have feel this in their life in some other instance. So, you are unique if you haven’t sensed DÉJÀ VU. (cheers).


Now lets start form superstition point of view. While cultural group’s opine this as a prophecy, message of god some say it’s our dream which is stored in the sub conscious mind of ours. However, science strikes off all these theories, it further opines the fault in anomaly(aka functioning) of Brain. It mainly occurs due to malfunctioning of brain claiming the fault in cortex region where brain gets confused with familiarity and re-collection leaving abstract results(boooom).


Trust me, whole of our human clan definitely suffers with the problem of hallucination and DÉJÀ VU is the straight evidence for it. While, mostly it is in initial stage for us while if you feel DÉJÀ VU constantly, say everything you see feels like thing of past you definitely are in grim danger. You may end up with long lasting fantasies of hallucination. So, better consult a psychiatrist before the flare get’s worse.


Now, this is a complete area of un certain theories and claims and still more and more theories have been building up daily. But, the irony here is with a capability of having sophisticated technologies and talents to explore outer space, we are still at the initial satge in understanding brain and its pattern’s. While there is no likely solution for this in real distant future, it’s upto you to take DEJA VU as per science point of view or term it as some special message of GOD, because who are we to decide your BRAIN. ?

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