He sat down on his chair and started weeping. But the memories seemed to inflict more pain than ever. The yellow tinge of the night lamp seem to add more to his bruises. With his heavy heart which seemed to be adding more weight with time, his mind took him to the evergreen days of his youth.


Rahul recalled the day he first proposed to his lady love, Priya. At first Priya did not pay any heed to Rahul but ultimately her soft tender heart fell for Rahul. Everybody in this world falls in love with a stubborn and caring heart which refuses to give up.


Those days were the golden days of their lives which continued as if the Almighty was himself the guardian of their happiness. They soon tied the knot and their life after marriage started to take a new turn…


Their work took over their time and they were too busy to have time for themselves.All these things led to minor scuffles and ultimately to violent war of words. Priya would return late from work and Rahul would complain – “You just dont have any time for me!”. In return, Priya complained, “I don’t have any time to waste like you do.”


All these things marred the happiness of their married life and ultimately one day, after a big fight with Rahul, she left the house and went to stay with her aunt.


Soon after Priya left, Rahul realised his mistake but did not have the courage to go to her aunt’s place to convince her. So, after two months of complete isolation, Rahul decided to call her. Priya did not receive his calls at first but after receiving 50 missed calls even she felt sorry for the poor fellow! Finally, she called him. Rahul was driving when his cell phone rang. Rahul did not receive her call intentionally. He was going to surprise her by going to her aunt’s place.




As Rahul woke up from his trance,he sipped his glass of water and tried to remember. He had crashed with Priya’s car and now both of their souls had parted from their earthly bodies. As Rahul put his head up, he saw Priya standing by his side and giving him the sweetest smile in the world. His pain melted like a sugar cube the moment he saw her face. Indeed ,they had no bodied existence but their love will continue to exist forever. Priya’s soothing smile washed away all his sorrows. She said, “We did not find enough time for love and so, Nature has given us the time for the most beautiful thing, love!”.



Dedicated to my mother☺
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