Moral Values- They’re the measure of good and bad conduct of a person. It also relates to the behaviour of a person. How is his conduct, his attitude is all included in moral values. These include the principles of discipline, punctuality, honesty, etiquettes, good habits, etc.

Moral Values determine a person. A person’s values are the real appearance of him. However good person with good looks & appearances if doesn’t have moral values, he’s not liked by others. But a person with moral values is whom people want. This person is needed in society & is appreciated & liked everywhere. People seem to get pulled to a person who has good behaviour, character and attitude.

Moral values determine the personality of a person. They are utmost important. This person is always satisfied with whatever he has and always proves beneficial to the society and country. In interviews, the interviewer selects the person not only good in education but, complete with moral values, for the job. If our country had politicians having moral values in them, it would’ve reached to the top. Thus, moral values are extremely important in day-to-day life.

But in today’s generation, these qualities aren’t found in individual. The new generation has took to rowdiness with the advent of new technologies, and increase of Medias like internet, TV, etc., the new generation seems to have lost moral values. We can see the people leaving their parents, disrespecting their teachers and parents and there’s also example of corrupt politicians.

It’s almost impossible to find an honest person today. People feel modern, leaving their moral values & character & consider them as old-age traditions of no use. This is a matter of great concern. It’s harmful to the society & to the country. If there are people without moral values, our country would be in grave danger.