When I first got her she seemed so fragile and scared; so small that she could fit in my palm. When I first looked at her I had no idea how I was going to handle her, and tons of Youtube videos wouldn’t help the nervous me either.
I lived in an apartment, small yet large enough during long, lonely days when the maximum time would pass staring out of the window with deafening silence engulfing me. And out of nowhere this little fellow came into my world.

I knew nothing about being a cat-owner and the experience of keep a dog had been tiring and bone bending enough. I had so many thoughts of concern ruling my mind and a recurring question as to whether I had made the right decision getting this little fellow into my house and life. But today, one month into this new life I feel different and majorly satisfied.

Unlike dogs who come running to you whenever you call them, even when you have been really rude to them or missed their walk or scolded them; cats give you the insight to a real world. They won’t come to you running and wagging their tales if you haven’t earned it. You can say they have a sense of Karma. They teach you to respect no matter who is on the other side. And also not to bully those you feel are powerless. They show that being small doesn’t mean being coward or weak. Despite of being animals that we so easily consider stupid, having a cat changes your opinions by bringing reality to you. They are sensible little fellows who are so quick to train and also determined to cleanliness . They are these tiny stubborn souls who show you courage and importance of fighting. Little balls of energy teach you how to get through the day, spending your time as if you are on an exploration, adventure trip.

Everyday now when I come home and greet my roomie, the positive part in me takes over the lonely and negative one no matter how bad a day I had. When she climbs up my lap to finally rest after her all day exhausting activities, it gives me immense pleasure to see that I earned her trust and love. And that something about a horrible and probably bitter day just went perfectly right.

I guess this is something about pet’s and owner’s bond, you realize that the amount of compassion, dedication and care you invest in such relationships never goes waste. Animals have a special way of repaying your affections. A different way of teaching you life lessons and accompanying you no matter how hard a day is to get through.