Last year I and my friend went to Goa for the Sunburn festival.

It’s the biggest musical festival ever. Every year, sunburn takes place at December and nearby. The Sunburn festival moves down the parts of India but the main organised venue is Goa.

People from different country came to enjoy this three – four day festival. The Sunburn will just give you the pleasure of Dance and drinks. Idiom Music and so are played there and people dances like never did.

We reached Panjim the Capital of Goa by the evening and just by storing our luggage into the hotel rooms, we went out for the Sunburn festival.

We dance like never did before and enjoyed a lot. I am a non drinker but my friend intake alcohol and he became crazier than he ever so.

He completely loses himself in the crowd and was enjoying the music. I saw it for the very first time that thousands of people, loud music, live concert, openness of people, and spending hell lot of money just for enjoying some moments.

It was too late in the night when we have to return to the hotel but we didn’t find any vehicle for the transportation. No one was ready to lift us up, or help us; all went as soon as they can.
I prayed a lot to our gods, “ Hey Bhagwan! Kuch madad karwa do. Kuch Madad bhej do, pahunche nhi to bhut musibat ho jaegi”

Then suddenly my friend who was drunk said, “Buddy! This is Goa, here Jesus will listen, Ask him” Though he said it in Humour, but I started asking Jesus for his help.

Miraculously a car stops in front of us just after my prayer ends. The strange thing is the driver of the Car has long hairs, heavy beards and was just looks a like Jesus.

I was stunned seeing him, he asked, what’s the matter my children so I made him know the scenario. He agreed to lift us. Though he was not going the way our hotel but he agreed. There were some music cassettes which were played in his car; they were all hymns of the Missionary Church.
His body, his way, his odour, everything gives us so positive vibes and we were relaxed even though our body were restlessly in motion throughout the day.

He drops us to the Hotel and we thank him a lot as our courtesy. We offer him some money but he denied taking them and as he was leaving us, he said, “God always answers your Prayers. Keep on doing them. Never Doubt, Just Trust in God. May Peace be with you”

And he left like vanishing in the cloud. ..

Today whenever I thought of that night, I utter,
“Did I met with Christ that day?. ..”