From cafes,  libraries and houses  to shopping centres, Wi- Fi is found everywhere. Electromagnetic fields are a part of our natural environment which are produced by the Earth and the sun. With the advancement in technology they are increasingly becoming prominent. We are surrounded daily by many different sources of electromagnetic energy. This kind of energy is emitted by mobile phones, Wi- fi, personal computers, radio etc. Wi- fi hotspots are increasing every time because mobile phone base stations are being installed continually. It is being harder to avoid exposure to the electromagnetic fields emittted by these technologies.


Has anyone ever thought what does all of this exposure mean for our health? Recently a French woman, Martine Richard was compensated as she was allergic to Wi- fi. She suffers from electromagnetic hypersenstivity (EHS). Her symptoms attribute to electromagnetic energy which stops her from doing her work properly due to which she was granted disability payments. Science says that there is no relationship between exposure to these fields and symptoms but still this ruling was made.

EHS is a complex condition in which people have symptoms like headache, nausea and sleeping difficulties when the are close to the devices that emit electromagnetic fields. If the impact is larger and negative, people will be unable to function in this modern world. The symptoms experienced are very real, but the fact remains that there are no clear diagnostic criteria for this.  This  disorder is self-diagonised and presently  has no medical or scientific basis. What is causing EHS and the symptoms that these people suffer from? This question is raised as research has consistently failed to find any association between electromagnetic field exposure and reported symptoms, or health more generally. One possibility may be the influence of what a person’s perceptions of how something might affect them. In this case there will be a belief that electromagnetic energy is harmful and when one is near to devices which emit such fields they think they will feel bad and they actually do. The cause of EHS is still a controversy. More research needs to be done showing that electromagnetic fields are not responsible for these symptoms and to provide evidence for a person’s perception mentioned here.


The lack of scientific evidence will be overlooked by the people who want to legitimise EHS as a condition caused by electromagnetic energy. This will overshadow the reseach of the real cause of EHS.Thus, the treatment andthe help which the people need who suffer from EHS will remain elusive without this research.