If you usually connect to the internet through Wi-Fi one day you will notice that suddenly the network is not working. After searching what the problem is exactly, you come across a message that DNS server is not responding; well now it is easy to sort out this problem in few easy steps.


So here are the instructions


  1. Before you start to solve the problem, make sure that it is the problem of DNS and not of your specific device. If you are getting the same DNS message when you are connecting another device it means that the problem is coming from the router itself.
  2. If your second device can access the webpage, then go to the first device and open a new browser. Sometimes there are problems with the proxy settings. Check if the problem still refuses to stop then go to the next step.
  3. To solve the problem born from the fact that the DNS is not working then go to Start > Execute. In the blank field type cmd and press the enter key.
  4. New windows opens, then type ipconfig and then press enter.
  5. In the next step restart your device and the Router as well, and then you should have no problem connecting to the internet.
  6. But if still face problems connecting to the internet, then maybe it is the problem with the router and you must connect your internet service provider.


Reasons for getting DNS Server not responding error

  • The server which hosts the website might be temporarily down due to some reasons.
  • The DNS service in your device is may be corrupted.
  • The security firewall might have blocked your PC from communicating with a website or websites.


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