Two simple alphabets placed them side by side, however, and they form a word powerful enough to turn a mass of people into a nation or country. DO! The last time we decided to do or die was in 1947 and it changed the map of the world. Today we have reached a stage where the eyes of the world are on us again.

So what are we going to do?
How are we going to turn a land of philosophers into a land of doers?
Are we going to keep thinking about what we should be doing or Do something about what we are thinking?
Are we going to simple shrug our shoulders and play our infrastructure of Democracy and our political system or are we simply going to roll our sleeves, get up and actually DO something about it?

The truth is, Thinking can happen on an arm chair, but doing must happen on your feet.
Thinking may be a great way of getting things started, but doing is the only way to get things done.

And let’s face it, you never really caught in a traffic jam, you are the traffic jam.

We are in a 69th year of Independence, means more than half a century. But did we make it worth? India is still facing many of the problems like Burning Bride for Dowry, Child labor, Rich gets richer and poor get poorer means the intensity on poverty gets deeper day by day, Corruption, Sexual violence etc.

  • It’s a country where peeing in public is considered normal whereas kissing or even hugging could be considered as Crime.
  • It’s a country where the parents strictly order the daughters not to talk with any stranger but let her sleep with the one after marriage.
  • It’s a country where marrying someone out of your cast creates a big issue in your family but ruined life might increase the prestige of the family.
  • It’s a country where are maximum number of unemployed engineers. Reasons-
  1. Their unwillingness to opt for engineering, though they are in it because of parental pressure.
  2. They got admission through reservation hence lacks skills and basic fundamentals.
  • It’s a country where a porn star is easily acceptable in the society but not the Rape Victim.
  • It’s a country where there are some elite class people who says that Rape Victim is the main cause or the culprit for it.
  • It’s a country where people could be judged just by their apparels and judges were not even qualified.
  • It’s a country where society is given the importance even though it leads to loss of our loved ones.
  • It’s a country where most of the powerful persons quote, “With great power, there’s no such responsibility” They never take initiative of their powers but rather delays it for later.
  • Though having every resources and everything, it’s a country whose youth is dreaming to settle in Abroad rather here itself. Some say UAE, some USA, some UK but nobody is saying Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, etc. May be for deserving jobs, wishful marriage, better opportunities etc.

There are many such things which continuously ruin our image and we are just seeing it like everyone else does.

This must change and it’s only possible if some of us Dare to be the Change.
So let’s stop asking for our glorious past or daydreaming about our great future.

Let’s Start by dominating today.
Domination Starts with DO…..


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