“Hope” is the most motivational noun of eternity. Although, let’s be real, our brain survives on it. Even when it only translates to false optimism an individual maintains in his mind, expecting things to fall into place. But, at least it grants us the energy to face problems.

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We all know life isn’t fair. Everyone has gone through their fair share of sorrows and grievances. But, that does not mean that we’ve got to thrive on those sad memories throughout our lives. Be happy and always seek for further happiness. It is the only emotion that helps a person calm down. Therefore, it lets people live in peace.

Every person has dealt with sadness at some or the other point in their life. You might have even arrived at a point of complete breakdown and must have thought that life is an utter mess and you’re never gonna overcome this bad situation. Look at yourself now. You got through it. You have overcome that big breakdown of your life. You have become stronger than before.

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When one faces major life problems for the first time, everything seems like the end of the world. Sadness takes over our thoughts and all of a sudden, we’re unable to function rationally anymore. That is what’s not supposed to happen to an individual. We control our brain. Whatever you want is thought upon correctly by yourself. So, why not command your brain to be happy?

As quoted by Steve Kloves, “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” Life is short and must be lived by every person to its fullest potential. Therefore, spend most of your time being happy and being content with life rather than crying over every issue that comes up. On a side note, when you have issues, face them and find ways to solve them. That is only method how a problem can be overcome by anybody.

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Not every person understands or values happiness, when they actually should cherish every moment of their life. There are always ways to be happier. It can be found in the simplest of things we have in our lives. Happiness is something that is continuous and is founded on certain truths that go beyond having pleasure and getting tangible things that we ever wanted. It is one of most important things that finds and gives meaning in life.

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