I have come across a lot of men who ask me “What is it that women really want?”.
Well to be honest I have no idea. Our wants, wishes or needs aren’t stable. What we want at one point of time may not be what we want at the other point of time. Like for example, I had told my boyfriend that I love spicy food but when he brought a spicy chicken roll I was annoyed at him. At that moment I wanted to have something sweet.

Our wants also depend on our emotional state. While PMSing, women tend to be  restless, frustrated and a mix of many emotions. It happens during pregnancy as well.

My best friend once asked me “What should I do to make this girl fall in love with me?”
Well personally speaking, if any guy genuinely expresses his feelings for me I would go along with him but the case maybe different from one woman to another.
Some like to be pampered and showered with gifts. Some seek emotional comfort, understanding and security in relationship.

‘Men are from Mars and women are from Venus ‘ holds true.  Combining the elements of men and women a stable ground is established.

On the other hand women tend to ask “Why is that men always lie?”
All men lie for small and big things and sometimes for no reason at all. Believe me when I say lying is healthy.

If your partner asks you “Honey how do I look?”  you say “My darling you look beautiful!”  even though deep inside you know she looks like a fat cow in that new dress.

Women wants to be appreciated. To be loved and cared for. You would say so do Men. In the case of men, they are emotional but they often bottle up their emotions inside. They always put up a brave face and any guy who tends to cry is considered a sissy which is absolutely wrong.

Crying is a way of releasing stress. Stress affects relationships negatively. It is better to cry and get over a situation than to let it hamper your relationship.

Understanding each other comes from communication. One must always express his/her feelings to each other only then will the other person get to know you. Getting to know a person doesn’t just involve knowing his/her name, likes/dislikes, habits etc. It is much deeper than that.

I have seen couples who have such an understanding between them that they can coney their thoughts with their eyes and other gestures without uttering a single word. Cheesy as it may sound is the actual truth.

Sometimes it takes a lifetime to understand a person. The human mind is vast and sometimes difficult to comprehend.

All you can do is value the time you have together and cherish each and every moment and most importantly agree to disagree.

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