Eternity to Motherland


My love,
I miss you a lot.
In every breath I take.
I know you are waiting for me with heavy heart.
I can’t erase the image of your teary eyes when we said goodbye.
I miss the mouth watering delicacies you make for me.
Every night I wish to be with you.
I pray that I get to see the morning rays with you besides me.
My love, I chose this life and I am proud of it.
I know you are too even though you had to make so many sacrifices.
I am guarding the borders for you and  the nation.
When you sleep safely and peacefully at night, remember me!
For I keep awake to protect you.
There is no guarantee to my life.
My days were numbered when I joined the Army.
I have no fear, Am not afraid!
When death knocks, I would cheerfully welcome it!
Promise me my Love that you will be alright.
Even after I leave this earth I won’t be truly gone.

I will watch over you.
I would know everything about you.
When I look down on you my Love,
I want to see my beautiful angel smiling.
I want happiness to never leave you.

I remember the way you keep your head on my chest and fall asleep to my heart beat lullaby.
I miss the softness of your skin and silkiness of your hair.
I long to hear the sound of your anklets and the jingle of your bangles.

When my eyes close for the last time.. These will be the images that come in my mind..
I wish for a lot many things….
Mostly I wish for you…
To be with you….

I love you…

In Eternity

Forever Yours,


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