I love you so much.
I know you love me more than I think.

And like every couple we have our share of fights, we have our share of love, we have our share of awesomeness in our relationship.

In you, I find my soul mate, my girlfriend, my best friend.

But somewhere in the corner of my heart, of my mind, I fear….
I fear losing you.

“When you fear losing a person, that fear is love”,
I know this and it makes me realize how badly I am in love with you. But my fear is,

Maybe one day you’ll feel that your life is less messy without me!
Maybe one day you’ll see the spark in some other guy’s eyes!

Maybe one day you’ll find more happiness and excitement in some other guy’s company!

Maybe one day you’ll enjoy a cup of coffee with some other guy than a cup of tea with me!

 Or maybe one day you’ll feel the calmness in some other guy’s maturity than my crazy stupid behavior!

Maybe one day you’ll not find any happiness in me! Maybe one day you’ll not be happy with me!
I fear one day I won’t be as special to you as I am now!
Maybe I am just stupid to think so much but maybe I Love You so much that;

Maybe I “FEAR” too much…❤

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