A few words to the person,

I lost my heart to,

I’ve never felt this earlier

This feelings so new


The moment you look into my eyes,

I feel like I would hypnotise

The story your eyes narrate, so deep,

They are the ones that come to me when I’m asleep,

The warmth of my cheeks, when you stare,

Your looks are enough to leave me of nowhere.


This feelings so new,

As fresh as the morning dew,

I don’t care, even if i am sued,

Coz you have become a dream to be pursued.


But what is it stopping us from being one,

Is it me who wants to keep feelings none?

The fears from past still haunt me till breath,

This is a story beyond life and death.

Every moment I take a step forward

Those bruises make me feel like a coward,

I can’t love you for who you are,

Down the memory lane, I’ve had enough of scars


But still that smile on your face gives me hope.

A bonding built through an invisible rope.

Everytime I look at you, my heart melts,

Just like how the lava melts,


You are the incomplete story that completes me,

This whole life of mine, I owe to thee.

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