Feminism and feminist movements and strikes are the most prominent topics/issues that keep popping up on the news, nowadays. But what is feminism, really?

Feminism is said to be advocating of all kinds of rights to women, be it social, political, legal or economic, equal to those of men. Basically, feminism is nothing but equity being fairly justified to men and women. But the modern world seems to have clearly misunderstood what feminism actually stands for.

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A feminist is a person who supports women’s rights. Where as a “Feminazi” is a derogatory term used to describe those women who are completely radical about the idea of feminism and think that feminism is perceived as seeking superiority over men, rather than equality.

The whole concept of being a feminazi or apparently “a modern feminist” is totally wrong. If women seek equality, it is only fair for them to be treated the same as any other individual. And that, right there, is feminism. Feminazi women just want to bash on men and patriarchy, blaming them for every issue prevailing in the world, in order to get away with every mistake they’ve made. Feminazis call themselves dedicated feminists, but in reality they are only female supremacists and attention seekers.

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The feminist movement has been going on since 1848 when women realized that a female is just as equally valuable to the human kind as any other male. But today’s feminist movements have lost all meaning because all the measures to obtain equal human rights for women are taken to a further level and superiority of females over males is focused upon. And this approach towards feminism is wrong. Feminazi people (mostly typically radical feminist women) are the reason that today’s feminists are being misunderstood. As long as their goal is equality, yes, continue with the movements and speeches. But, nudity strikes, man-hate & misogyny and pointless riots? That is termed as idiocy, not feminism.

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What has “actual feminism” gained? Feminism is allowing women to expand their careers and businesses that they never were able to have before. Women now have power in government and they hold high and powerful jobs. They have gained their independence from a male dominated society and are rising to become less dependent on their husbands for financial support. Many women are now even managing their own families, without the help or support of a man. All that has been achieved with the efforts of real feminists, not Feminazis and their riots.

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A true feminist is someone who wants equality in the society. Feminism, as a concept, will be dead in a few decades if Feminazis prevail in this world, promoting feminism for wrong causes and expecting support for their ideas and judgements. Equality is justice, citizens. Women are not going to be equal outside home, until men are equal in it. So, let us all take the right measures for justice and make this society a better place to live in.

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