The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion. 

I don’t know what is there with me about this word ‘freedom’. I remember ever since I was a child I have always wanted to be free. Freedom for me, back then, was to choose what clothes to wear, to choose which footwear suits me, to choose when I wanted to play, when I wanted to study and to choose whom I wanted to be friends with. I don’t know why it gave me immense pleasure to take my own decisions as a child. There was a sense of pride whenever I would accomplish some task which was unexpected of me. And these tasks would be of so little importance that I laugh at them now, imaging how I used to show them off to my friends.

My parents tell me how my growing up years were some of the most difficult ones for them. Because the people around me wanted me to behave and grow up a ‘certain way’. A ‘way’ that they say was desired of girls, of what was acceptable by the society.


I was expected to believe in God, to learn to cook and to feed the false prides of the elders by obliging to whatever they say. I remember how I responded to one of the uncles who said that girls are made to look after the household work. My parents had a tough time convincing me not to answer back my elders. On asking them why are they teaching me to behave and not them they would say that freedom, is a state of mind. They taught me that you don’t always have to prove your point to someone who is blind to see what is right. If you want to show what is right, just do it. Don’t seek validation from anyone. After all, freedom also means being yourself without anyone’s permission.

freedom-is-being-you-without-anyones-permission-quote-1Then came the time when I had to choose a stream for my career. The place where I come from, people have a great affection for science. The students who merely opt for science are then and there given the honour of being scientists no matter how much they score. So here I was again, in the world of scientists wanting to be an accountant. I asked my parents what to do to which my mother replied “And we thought you were a free mind!”

Soon it was time for me to live alone. Contrary to many I have always dreamt of living alone, doing all my work. I always fanaticised myself being that strong woman with a mind of her own. And guess what, I am doing fine.

I am sure everybody’s life is full with such small unimportant decisions. Decisions that we overlook and feel are unworthy of our attention. Trust me, each of them have made you more free than before, more independent and more strong than ever. They have added to your personality, to your thoughts, to your actions. They have made you the free spirit that you are.

So next time you have to take a decision just do what you think is right. And about me? I still don’t believe in God, I am yet to become a good cook and that uncle of mine? He doesn’t talk to me anymore 😉

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