In today’s era of social networking where chatting, flirting and relationships are quite prevalent. This article may be considered as my tribute to those guys who end up being Friendzoned. (I feel sorry for you guys, I really do!) I’m quite inexperienced in this case so my analysis could be different from what you think about the topic but this article comes out of the observations that I’ve made so far.

What I consider, here’s how it goes:

  • Now you know a girl, you like her, you send her a friend request and she accepts it (Voila! Level one cleared). Now you two start chatting your hopes get high. You start talking all day and night. With even higher hopes you ask for her phone number (For Whatsapp yaar!! Typical excuse for getting a phone number) and she gives it to you.1@7tint

You become buddies. You two start hanging out together. You think this is the time – ‘Let me ask her out’. With some fear of what the reaction might be? You tell her your feelings.

Now this is the deciding point whether you will be friend zoned or not.

  1. If my analysis is correct, only a 2 out of 10 times the girl might say yes and your one sided love will evolve into a relationship (and probably your Facebook status will change)2@7tint
  2. 3 out of 10 times the girl will say ‘we were such good friends why have you ruined all the things we had. I hate you’ and there’s a chance that you will never see her again.3@7tint
  3. The remaining 5 out of ten times you will get a reply ‘I always liked you too but as a friend nothing more. I haven’t thought about being in a relationship yet. I want us to be friends as we always were. Is this okaaayy?’ and you fall for her cute face again and accept being “Just Friends”. Congratulations my friend, you are officially friend zoned.4@7tint


As astonishing as it may sound, being in friend zone carries some benefits too contrary to popular belief.5@7tint

1. You get to be around the girl you like, All Day. I mean you get to be her personal bodyguard.6@7tint

2. Every guy you know calls you Bhaiya. The brother of every girl. Bhaiya mere Rakhi ke Bandhan ko nibhana will be among your favourite song.(ROFL!)7@7tint

3. The girl tells you who’s hot and who will be best for you?8@7tint

The girl you liked finding the girl you should like, What a deadly combination!!

4. Everyone envies you.9@7tint

Being the one guy who is so close to that girl. Every other guy envies you. But only you know the pain (I feel you bro!).

5. You get to hang out with the coolest girl gang of your class. You are their bro of course 😛10@7tint

6. You get to be the sole servant of the queen of your heart.11@7tint

From buying snacks in the canteen to carrying her bag to getting notes Xeroxed for exams, you and only you are her saviour.

7. And Last but not the least there is a slight possibility that she accepts you and your everlasting loneliness in friend zone comes to an end.12@7tint

This is how I think is the most common story of all!! I’m actually a Novice about what I wrote so if you think I’m wrong somewhere, leave your comments below!!  Cheers!!

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images


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