Remembered the pink school bags of Hannah Montana swinging beautifully on little girls’ back. Well I was one of them too. With that imagining the school bottles as mike and believing myself as Indian Montana, was one of my favorite stories as well.

For those who don’t know, Miley Cyrus was  daughter of star Billy Ray Cyrus born on NOVEMBER 23, 1992. Later she appeared in a series on Disney Channel named Hannah Montana which was madly loved by kids those days.


Let us once again, recall that pretty smile the brown haired girl always had on her face. With a great singer, she proved to be stupendous motivation for many of that time. I still remember a dialogue in the beginning of the show, when Miley was going to become Hannah. She argued her aunt, ” only one out of hundred become a star “. and then aunt replied,

” what if you are one of those hundred ?”

and believe me, this one statement still make me have chills during my bad days.

Later after growing up she dated Liam Hemsworth who was an Australian actor. And they seemed best in love but after her break up,three years back from now we lost our disney princess. She was so fiercely broken after her mislaying that she lost herself as well. Suddenly from cute lady she turned into a wild women. Changing her hairs and tatoo changed love of people towards her as well. With that posting sexting photographs became her new favourite thing.


When asked about the reason behind her change, she said she just wanted to prove herself independent, that she is good enough without Liam. But her answers were doubtfull enough. I wonder, do her breakup really don’t have anything to do with the change? Or may be it was all about getting famous like Rihana and Biyonce. We don’t know.

Later in the media, it was reported that during her Music festival performance in Las Vegas, she sobbed after singing Wrecking Ball “. And then she locked herself in a dressing room and cried and shouted. Things were getting smashed. It sounded like she was having a complete breakdown. Later in the publications she confessed,

” I went through a time when I was really depressed. I locked myself into my room and my Dad has to break the door. I had really bad skin and because of it i felt really bullied. But i was never depressed because of the way someone made me feel, I just was depressed. “

Image 3

Though she never accepted, but it appeared that Liam did affected her even after leaving her life. There are still too much questions left unanswered. I will not blame Miley for all the depression and cries she had,for some time she was broken, she was weak. But now she is stronger more than she ever was. May be with us, she grew far more ahead. Maybe we wont get back our childhood icon back, but once in our life she stood like no one ever did.


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