As I lay my head down
And close my eyes.

As I let the darkness encompass me
Only focusing on the light that glows
inside of me.

I experience a strange calmness and peace.

As I take slow, deep breaths
I feel the chill air cleansing me

My mind tunes out all the sound of the outside world.
Channels towards my inner voice

I feel my body shutting down
I paralyze in the realm of my dreams

I venture into a new dimension
I feel my body lifted up
Or is it my soul….

Suddenly I come down to earth
I see myself sleeping…

Who am I and What have I done..

I have become,

The Ghost of Me!

As the sun rises in the east..
I know its not for me..

My body is being taken away…
Why are they all are moaning?

Am still here, I haven’t left
My screams all go unheard!

As the priest offers the final prayers..
As the casket is shut..
And, buried deep inside the earth..

I bid goodbye…

I leave with the setting sun in the horizon…

The Ghost of Me!

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