I am a girl almost, almost few minutes ripened,

Looking at my parents while by a nurse I was wiped.

I think I looked beautiful but why didn’t anyone smile?

I think I wasn’t too fragile for my makers to hold me tight;


To a distant hot place I was taken, a momentary home indeed;

I had five sisters eldest though thirteen was married lately.

They too looked unhappy perhaps they wanted a brother ,

Maybe then they could get rid of their parent’s  unceasing torture..


My mother now held me my almost mother,

I could feel her warmth while she rocked me on her shoulder;

Banging off door jumping off feet, my father walked in and snatched me away indeed.

With my mother he had an inaudible talk,perhaps I think he wanted to take me for a walk;


Weather was cozy but not as cozy as my fathers firm chest ,

I basked in the misconception that I was being caressed.

His touch was not too gentle but still for the first time I laughed,

He looked into my eyes and took me apart;


He took me to a cold dark place that looked like a nightmare

But I still smiled in the misconceptionthat my protector was there,

I implored  my father that I loved him but he didn’t  understand,

He  laid me on ground removing the sand;


The ground was impersonal I shrieked aloud,

But my father was busy preparing my shroud,

I sensed a presentiment, I cried my last cry

In the lap of mother earth I was cast away, 
I was buried alive.

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