Lizzie Denison-Ward started gaining weight at an alarming rate back in 2013 – she used to be sleek and slender but suddenly she gained 100 pounds. The doctors too were shocked because this could not be explained.

1. She went to the doctors and the only thing that they told her was – Her metabolism was slowing down

She was asked to eat lesser calories. She cut her calories to 1000 per day, but this incident continued, then she tried to get some other medical help



2. She decided to go for an MRI, and a shocking thing was revealed then

Her results showed that she had a big tumor on a pituitary gland




3. She was suffering from the Cushing’s disease – which was fatal

It would have killed her if she hadn’t got it diagnosed in time.By the time she got to know the reason for this disease, she had already gone up by 10 dresses, then she figured out what caused her weight gain.




4. Then she began hormone therapy which made her lose 20 pounds in 5 weeks

This is how she transformed




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