It is certainly true that music effects your brain cells and flings your moods. Soft music keeps your mind peasant; pop rock music keeps you grooving and active.

But ever wondered if there is any sort of music that drives you into depression? Yes there is!!

“Gloomy Sunday” is a Hungarian song which is lately known as the “Hungarian Suicide Song”. This song has been the culprit for lots of deaths across the world, including the composer of the song, Rezso Seress. The original lyrics were written as a poem by Laszio Javor in which the protagonist wants to commit suicide because of his lover’s death. History says that Javor wrote this poem in depression of his girlfriend leaving him.


Years later, Billie Holiday’s English version of the song became very famous .  The lyrics of the song go something like this…..

Sunday is gloomy,
My hours are slumberless.
Dearest, the shadows
I live with are numberless.

Little white flowers
Will never awaken you.
Not where the black coach
Of sorrow has taken you.

Angels have no thought
Of ever returning you.
Would they be angry
If I thought of joining you?

                                   Gloomy Sunday……                                    

This song is upto no good!!  Anyone would start crying if they initially listen to this song….and slowly, they start relating themselves to the lyrics of the song and get into depression!! It is kind of depressing to listen to it.  No wonder it led to a lot of deaths in the 20th century.

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