Devo Manushya Roopena [God is in the form of man]

Once upon a time there was a boy named ‘#Me’, he made a plan to go to a movie bunking classes. He was already late for the show and was rushing with his chores, His father observed him being hasty. #Me was almost about to leave, when his dad said he would drop him off to the college. #Me was expecting the same to happen, it was just a 5 min walk to the theatre from his college, bus would get him late. He thanked god for it and shouted to his dad that he would wait in the parking and left, After two minutes when he saw his dad coming down from the stairs holding an old plastic chair in his hands, he lost his cool suddenly, he thought to himself “it’s already late and now this man is on some business to sell his old chair in a scrape store for some stupid 50 bucks and guess what follows adding to this drama, a bargaining episode of two old men deciding the value of this scrape, Oh god! What’s wrong with you?” #Me sat on back of the bike holding the chair which in his mind he broke into a thousand pieces already. Unexpectedly the bike stopped suddenly before an ATM instead of a scrape store. There was an old guard with a skinny body sitting on the floor before the ATM with a water bottle as his only possession, at the very sight of #Me and his father he got up and walked towards them with a limp, before he could speak anything #Me’s father lent the chair to him “Keep this” and smiled at him, instantly the guard’s hands came together, he joined hands before #Me’s father and smiled back to him, #Me could see the guard’s wet eyes filled with a glitter of gratitude in them.

As the bike moved, its wheels celebrated sound of rain water on the ground, meanwhile the world missed a splash of tear from the eye of #Me, his father spoke “He was sitting on the floor itself from the last few days, they didn’t provide him a chair and yesterday when it was raining he could have sat inside the ATM cabin but he didn’t, he was bound to his rules. He sat on the floor outside there, it was wet and almost half of his uniform got wet, I felt sorry for him and thought of giving him the chair. Sorry if I got you late to the class.”

The bike stopped before #My college, and #I went straight to #My classroom counting the money that #I had brought for the movie, it was #My dad’s money and that was not any less than a god’s sacred Prasad (Holy meal) for me.

“Man” I believe is the best meaning I’ve ever came across for the words “God” and “Evil”

Every person has many phases in his/her life. Sometimes people show ultimate gratitude towards us for our good deeds and sometimes they curse for our ill deeds.

Show your friend a book and ask him what he can see, he will say “a book”, now tear a page from it and ask the same question… Is the answer still “a book”? Ok, now show him the paper that you tore from the book. What did he say “A book”? No right! He should have said “a paper” this time. When you showed him the book for first time the paper was also a part of it, but he didn’t call it a paper then instead he said it was a book, but when you tore it down separately from the book he just saw the paper alone.

Imagine the book to be one’s life and the pages to be his chapters in it, a person in a particular page when he is defying all the odds and coming out of his comfort zone to help someone in their tough times, unconditionally he is a god for them in that particular page of their life, as you turn to another page again he is a normal person like anyone.


Trivikram Srinivas a prominent Film maker in Telugu, gave me the most sensible meaning of god till now. His words were deep enough to impact the whole theory of God for me, when he said, “Lord Rama ruled for nearly 10000 years after his war with Ravana, but no one knew his story as a normal king of Ayodhya. Lord Krishna after the battle of Mahabharata ended, ruled Dwaraka for straight 36 years, his children were cursed by saints for mischief, which led to the end of Dwaraka. His death was same like any other normal human being. Many of us are not much familiar with these stories, because we never cared about what they were as normal rulers of their kingdoms. We are always interested in their stories which are about achieving a divine purpose for the sake of universe, we only knew the story of Rama who killed Ravana, we always wanted the stories of Krishna who preached us Bhagavad Gita. In the same way when a normal person is set out to do something virtuous and good for his fellow beings he is no less than any god for them in that particular moment.”

Hearty thanks to my Amma, Nanna (south Indian words for mom and dad) for supporting me throughout my life and for standing as an inspiration for me in every page of my diary. I believe in God, but the love of my parents is always the most sacred thing to me, every other thing comes in the tenth place after that. Also I whole heartedly thank my mentor, teacher, scholar… I can always call him my second school, the very honoured ‘Trivikram Srinivas’ for teaching me the best arts for living life.

Take good care of your family, respect women. Instead of praying alone for your happiness, help your fellow beings be happy and on your behalf they will all start praying for you.

Thank you for reading ☺