“For by him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible . . . all things were created by him and for him” (Colossians 1:16)

“God” the invincible is also the very anonymous authority in this universe, whose existence is supported by multiple theories (of different religions), but all in their own ways and ironically like never before, they do it with mutual concern and respect to each other, though none of them seem to be having any similarities. Today, it is very common for a majority of us to believe in the existence of some superior power over us, who we all believe in creating the approximately 13.8 billion year old universe.

A Hindu believes in his origin from Brahma, His fate (karma) played over by Lord Vishnu and finally his life ending by a gesture from Lord Shiva.

While a Muslim believes in a sole creator of the whole universe ‘Allah’, the only one who has the right to judge and punish anything in this universe created by him, he is the paramount and final one who has the capacity to create, flourish or destroy anything.

A Christian looks up to the greatest messiah of Israel ‘Jesus’, who is believed to be the Christ Lord himself in the human flesh. He came down to earth preaching the sinful mankind a way to rejoin their soul in God again.
Jains though does not believe in God as a creator, but they do accept his existence as a pure enlightened being, who show them a way to Moksha (being released from the cycle of rebirth).

But no one does merely have any debate over, exactly which theory is more reliant and which isn’t. People choose their path and start believing in it by the roots of their family tree. (Or, are they made to do so?)

For instance, say my school taught me English alphabet in the order a, d, c, b, and so on, for that I will be laughed upon by everyone and will be hash-tagged illiterate. If me shouting English alphabet in a wrong order, (Wrong because majority don’t accept it that way) can make you go against the fact that I am literate, then why don’t any one complain about other theories about the creation and the creator wrong only because they were not taught the same way by their religion.

That should be impossible and unrealistic… Well! If you feel it to be so, you are wrong! This can possibly be supported this way, only which sought to my myth (there can be many more ways proving it). When you were playing maths in your schooling or college, you should have encountered a number of ways to solve the same problem, you should have wondered about a number of formulae given working on a same problem and getting the result correct and same for all of them.

It is the abstract science, Mathematics behind it making these things possible. Well, because the basics used to derive those methods and formulae were always the same, you can never defy the functions of these basic principles in math like +, -, x or the BODMAS rule which are literally making the soil possible for maths to grow in. (Whichever can be the fruit, it has to dig it’s sweetness from the same soil)

To relate this concept of an abstract science to the concept of a multi-million dollar question, which is dealing with the selection of one perfect mythological theory behind the creation of this universe, I must have to say, maybe all the religions are same at their core ( http://www.equip.org/article/are-all-religions-the-same-at-their-core/ ), and over that what if I say, maybe all the religions are interlinked with each other at some point which is completely anonymous to us today.

‘Lord Shiva’ one of the most powerful Gods in Hinduism, is believed to be first of many prophets of Allah. His trident weapon is believed to be in the form of the very name ‘Allah’ written in Urdu.

Leader of Jamiat Ulema Hind, an organization of Islamic scholars in India said “We Muslims are followers of Islam, we believe in ‘Allah’, but traditionally we are Hindus,” also he said, he backed the slogan “Every Indian is a Hindu,” a line adopted by the RSS group.

On other hand, the chief priest of Ram mandir at Ayodhya, Mahant Satyendra Das welcomed these statements saying that “It will bring us together like brothers.” (Go through this link for more http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/indian-muslim-cleric-calls-hindu-deity-shiva-first-prophet-allah-1488740 )

This way I believe at some point yet to be uncovered of its anonymity, all the religions and their theories about the most invincible anonymous in this universe, come from the same soil. Coming back to the question of my literacy, whatever the order maybe of the English alphabet which I’ve been taught, the purpose will remain uninterrupted unless you can sound them perfectly.

Well! Science did sometimes (Not always) had an axe to grind over all these theories which follow God as the ultimate creator and destructor of the universe, Big freeze effect which is believed to be the most possible and legitimate explanation for the end of this universe (When the universe slowly loses heat, which is the only source to create energy which can make anything move, the universe will come to a halt. Nothing moves thereafter). This is a direct contradiction for some theories which believe in god destroying his own creation when the sins of mankind are unbearable by him (If so … I can see it coming soon).

Big freeze can be proved wrong though. A singularity result of an experiment by Stephen Hawking which came out on October 1965 proves that the universe has again started to expand and gain heat after a long period of slowing down (Well! You can feel it this summer). But even this theory doesn’t support God alone destroying the universe, relying upon the statistics of our sins.

And the very famous Big Bang theory, though I’m not much aware about the conclusions it made, I am sure they have discovered an element H⁰ Higgs Boson aka God particle which gives an explanation on the creation of our universe, and which is unfortunately not very much in sync with the tales of our mythology, on the very same issue. This one came to be an out and out unpredictable discovery by any religious theory describing the creation of our universe.

Well! Coming back to our comfort zones, believing that God do exist as an anonymous power directing all of us. We all are pretty much aware about the fact; we are neither capable of creating nor are empowered to destroy any of the matter in this universe, gifted to us by God. Only thing on which we can credit our names is about changing the way atoms and molecules are arranged in a substance. From your dog’s pee to your most valuable possession in the locker, a diamond maybe all are made up of carbon, only difference is in the arrangement of the carbon atoms in them, that’s it! (Sorry, if I gave you an odour of dog’s pee on your ornaments). But still, the question remains, who smoked this carbon into our world?!

No matter whichever theory you are in favour of, the tensions of getting overweight and having a sun tanned skin are same for all of us, Shah Rukh Khan sir and our beloved Salman sir if you are reading this, believe me, you are no exception for the laws of nature given in the constitution written by God himself, never amendable by the mortal kind. So do take care of your health everyone. Our mother’s are one best form of our daily worshiped God in our lives, think of her once before you commit to say or do anything about or to a girl out there.

It’s a very lengthy blog already! My editorial team will curse me for that. But very soon I promise a thousand more words for you on the concept which always stood anonymous to the mankind’s limit of imagination till now, AND MAYBE FOREVER.

Until then sprawl on your couch with a bucket full of anti-racist pop corn, fingers crossed for your favourite God of Thrones character to save his life till the next episode.