And as Donald Trump is jiggling up the political laws every now and then, it would be a critical scenario for the citizens of the States to get used to it. His ties with Putin should be considered as a welcome sign, for it is insignificant now to stretch the Cold War. Germany can be on the brink of following the mistake England did while… You know!

But DU (Delhi University)? Ramjas? JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University)? INDIA?

You really want to talk about that? Can you handle the harsh reality?

Well, you just poked the wrong man. Now feel the brunt.

You want to talk about the politics from the roots? Talking about DU, the home of the student politics in India. Future leaders emerge from here, and we are talking about youth i.e. the driving force of change in this nation. You see the glimpse of the future? The bright future of the Indian Politics that would soon have the reins of this nation.


Remember, this is what people died for. This is why Louis the XVI was dethroned. This is why USA faced two major crisis in a century-just to uphold the democracy, only to be pelted upon, hurled with sticks and torn in public.
You want to talk about being a nationalist, what you are is a small piece of jingoist. Calling yourself a nationalist is a shame on the very essence of nationalism. You want to talk about JNU? Kashmir? Then why the fuck did you stay silent when a soldier was buried under ice for a week? Yes. The soldiers you use as a shield, one of them was dying in ice and what did you do for him? With all due respect to him and his family, I am a bit content that he is not here, or he would have felt ashamed seeing all this crap transpiring in the country you call Atulya.

You do not deserve a democracy that gives everyone right to use students for their personal benefit. What you all need is someone like Tzar Nicholas, or someone like King Edward the VII. Someone like Aurangzeb, would have kept this country in a better state. Mark my words: The drama that you have staged for yourself will haunt you.

For anyone who thinks I am aligned with any of the political parties, I never gave a shit about Indian Politics. I would rather go to Mars and live peacefully, rather than picking up sides of who is wrong and who is right.

Shame on NSUI*
Shame on ABVP*
Shame on everyone.
And I am sorry, but shame on such a superficial democracy.

*(NSUI – National Students’ Union of India)
*(ABVP – Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad)