Staying healthy and fit can be an uphill struggle for a busy and professional person.

Being a professional and busy person probably means that you spend your most of the time in office, meetings. Hence sitting at one place only.

From such a busy schedule it is very difficult to find time for daily workouts. As we can see that busy people are slowly getting more and more out of shape over the years.

Solution to this problem is to exercise daily. I know it very difficult for a busy person to find time for gym and workout. But 15 min exercise can help you a lot.

By making realistic goals. Instead of aiming to lose 10kg, aim with 2 or 5 kg.

My sister, she is working women. She is also a busy person. She has adopted a healthy lifestyle. And have loosened weight from 75 kg to 55 kg. And after losing weight she still has the same healthy lifestyle.


Here I am sharing some useful tips for a busy person to stay healthy and fit.

  • Take the Stairs
    Take the stairs both up and down any time you need to enter or exit the building, and you’ll do a leg workout that’s great cardio as well.
  • When sitting, use the arm strengthens technique

It’s very simple and useful exercise.

  • Stretch from head to toe, beginning with the neck

Do it for 10 seconds.

  • Stretch your wrists to get ready for computer work

Hold it for 3 to 5 seconds.

  • Turn the TV time to fitness time

Do some easy, basic workouts in the time you watch TV. Another way is (workout + TV); you can watch your favorite serial or news by doing very simple exercises.

  • Wake up early: Do a 15 minute workout at home or a quick yoga session.
  • Bring your meals with you to work

Salads, diet meals, fruits and steamed veggies. Add these in your lunch.

  • Love iron: Not eating enough iron can cause fatigue and even depression. Keep energy high by eating oatmeal, lean meats, and lentils.
  • Say no sweets: yes! You have to quite chocolates and bar bites. Replace them by soup and salad.
  • Stay hydrated: 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. It helps to keep your energy high and active. Keep a water bottle with you every time.



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