i am the anonymous the one who is amongst you all or may be this could also be your matching story…………………..

From the initial levels of this journey of life she was taught to make friends, stay happy and the reason behind she was taught such way was to grow her up as an amazing human being yet what she thought of this as that these childhood friend were her lifetime friends; The more friends she would have, the more she could enjoy her only life and having die hard friends according to her was the only way to stay happy forever. The closest friends are always true, they will never harm you, they stay besides you in sorrows, they share your happiness, they know you the best way, they can talk to you without even uttering something, they can help you out of everything and are always with you (no matter whether you are capable enough or not) etc etc was the exactly said further proved myths she embraced herself with !

Role OF Friendship Quotes which she thought are as true as words of god !

Then there came those friendship quotes which after reading she used to judge who are best friends and who are the one’s with poly faces!

At first its like The more no. of friends you have, less you will get hurt and rather we will always stay happy. But when the group formation starts (groups in a group) then there comes the elimination round of friendship. Either you end up alone or with two or more friends with you thats it ! Then some of us are firm to stick with a single person whom you make your good friend either by knowing their nature and their worth or just because you need somebody as it feels awkward to have no friend !

It really feels exciting to increase your friends blindly so as to show other people that you have everyone who are with you but are they actually with you ? And what’s the reason behind they being with you..?

When she was exhibited to the Mean World

In this mean world, almost everyone has worn a mask (different for different people) and they are handling that mask well.

Even you have worn a mask for someone, because this society has made you selfish.! Its not the fault of a single person, somewhere everyone has contributed in it. You dont know the actual truth behind that mask. And some who have not worn a mask i.e. who are true from inside and out are actually your true friends. Respect them. Respect the ones who betrayed you also. They taught you how to live within yourself and the way of knowing the worth of the people around.

Its the ‘TIME’ that reveals this mask. Yes for friendship you have to be selfless but you had to be that when there was no mask in this world. But now you have to be little selfish for yourself. Otherwise people will take advantage of you. And you will end up with heartbreaks and tearful nights.

We always run here and there to make friends, best friends, bffs etc. whom we think will stay with us forever. But we ignored the true best friend who was with us everytime even when we were finding other friends. It was always present with us like a shadow, an image who represented us like a true bff does. It was with you even when you were crying in front of the mirror for not having a single person as a friend with you. Its was in front of you that time complaining alike you. But you never saw it. Yes its fortunately YOU who is your forever Best Friend. You are the one who knows each little thing about you and you will never betray yourself. You are your constant best friend. Stay with yourself always even when you have no one with you, but you have you.

You ought to know your Worth

Everyone is selfish, you have to be “Know your worth” kind of personality. You are neither less if you are also. You have yourself as your best friend. Prevent yourself from getting into the traps of people who need you to climb up to reach the success platform. Stay strong. Believe in yourself. Keep no regret. You are your constant. Life looks much beautiful when you travel alone and your soul gets connected with this universe. Always remember whatever happens, it is for your good. Time will soon make you realise that you are worth of yourself. Know the motive behind the things happening. Keep your spirits high and let it go. Life is a creative mess – make it more beautiful by living it as YOU (without any mask ) !

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