Chinese people have some amazingly weird habits and rituals. We always get to hear some funny and weird stories from their side. But this one is just horrifying. In Chinese, there is a saying called “it is better to hit and kill than to hit and injure”.


But nowhere is it mentioned that the drivers have to follow this rule. I don’t know about you, but when I visit China, I would want to be exploring it in a parachute instead of road.

1. They killed even a 2 year old

She was repeatedly crushed by a lady driver, who then told them to tell the police that it was her husband and not her.



2. The drivers run back and forth over bodies to ensure they are dead

The security cameras have captured it.




3. Apparently if you kill someone in China, you can get a bail with lesser money as compensation, than if you had to pay if you got down and took them to the hospital.

This is absurdity.



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