“Shivam, come here”

“Yes dad?’

“How do I find you on facebook?”


How many of you have a smile at your face right now? Probably all, right? This is happening with each of us lately when our dearest parents whom we always considered different from us due to the generation gap are trying hard to put themselves in our shoes.

Most of us, with a few obvious exceptions, get horrified the moment our parents show interest in our personal lives and still each of us love to hear personal stories of them when they were as young as we are! Am I right or am I right?

Since parents coming to social media has really been a hype, I want everybody to think genuinely how bad or good is it? Like every other thing, this again has both advantages and disadvantages associated to it. ‘Privacy’ in one’s life is undoubtedly very important but people often forget to set limitations to their private lives. And on the contrary, why is our ‘so called’ privacy, private for just our parents and yet open for the whole unknown world? Do we trust those millions of strangers more than our own parents?

Once there was a boy who was in his early 20’s. His mother one day sent him a friend request on facebook but he left it pending, neither accepted it, nor rejected it. After a few weeks when her mother noticed, she asked him and he very conveniently lied saying that he has plenty of them lying and didn’t get the time to sort out which ones are to be accepted and which are to be rejected. Few more weeks passed by and one day he finally decided to sort out his account and make it look fine enough for his mother to see it. He deleted the pictures with all his girl-friends, some of the comments, and every other thing that he thought his mother might ask him question about and then finally accepted her request. When she saw the notification, she smiled and continued with her work. Not for once she tried to go on his page and look for stuff he has posted. Out of all the pictures he deleted, some of them were exceptionally good for rest of his friends too who then bombarded one of his pictures with comments asking him to why he did so and co-incidentally his mother saw it. It didn’t take her much time to figure out what made him do this. Though, she was sitting in the same room as his son, yet she sent him a facebook message that read, “beta, main samajh jati”. And that one sentence made him understand the fact that they, our parents, understand.

We always think that if they are coming on social media, that is just to spy on us. I’m not saying that doesn’t happen. Definitely it does. They do get snoopy and often interrogates which at times make us embarrassed too but in the end they do such things because they care. What we can do is to make them believe, whatever we are doing isn’t as bad as they think it is.

And believe it or not, social media becomes a lot more safer when parents are a part of it !

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