I am Sonika and this is my story. The story of  my marriage. I was in love with a boy who fell out of love with me. We had a great time together but it lasted for only a year. No amount of tears melted his cold stone heart. He had made his decision. He left me.

In the years that passed i grew close to His ‘mamaji’ who was only 21 years old. I called him ‘bhaisa’ which means brother.

Bhaisa was a man who made me feel alive again. He was  a very practical man. Career – oriented and focused. He knew all about the history of romance i had with his ‘bhanje’ or nephew.

Bhaisa felt it really strange that I kept messaging him. He often rebuked me. He always said that we belong in different generation. I am your ‘mamaji’ which i never agreed. He had  a justification for that also. He told me that since I was involved with his nephew that makes my relationship towards him same as he have with his ‘bhanje’.

Whenever I messaged Bhaisa he used to scold me saying why do you flirt with me and waste your time. We have no future. Nothing can develop between us. This annoyed me a lot as I never had any such intentions.

One day I sent Bhaisa a voice note which contained a song sung by me. That changed his whole perception. He loved ny voice more than the song  He used to listen to it every time. Slowly he became gentle towards me. Talked to me softly.

He developed an interest in me. He wanted to know everything. My favorite color, food, hobbies etc..

I really liked Bhaisa but there was always the thought of my love for his nephew. The only reason I had started making contact with Bhaisa was so that at least he could understand me and help me in my situation..

My love was still not ready to commit to me. He was afraid of his family who would be against our relationship. Well they were in for a real shock.
Bhaisa, on my birthday presented me with a red saree and asked me to wear it and come to his house for Diwali puja.

There he introduced me to his family members including my love. After the rituals Bhaisa had an announcement to make. In front of everyone he bent on his knees and proposed to me.

He asked me to marry him. I was surprised and happy. When I looked at Bhaisa’s eyes I found that love that I was crying for. I was sure that moment what I wanted and that was to spend my life with Bhaisa.

The elders of the Family were shocked  They were displeased by this disclosure..
Bhaisa convinced them somehow. He turned out to be everything that I wanted in my MAN.

My love was a coward. If only he had the courage to confront his family like Bhaisa I would have been his.  Well I guess Bhaisa was right about generation. His was more brave and courageous.

I Married Bhaisa. It was a grand occasion but the cherry on the cake was My love. Bhaisa asked My Love to call me his ‘Mamiji’.

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I just find myself happy with the simple things. Appreciating the blessings God gave me.