An Intellectual is someone who has profound knowledge over an array of topics and can propose solutions to problems in the community and thus gain a hold over the place. Becoming an intellectual is not an easy job, but not an impossible one. Do follow these steps to become one.

  • Read, read and read
    Intellectuals have complete and vast knowledge on a subject. They can manage any challenges, regarding the topic. That can only be cultivated by reading. Read as many books as possible, grasping and absorbing the essence and minute details about it.


  • Extensive research
    Have a habit to research side by side about whatever you have read. Different authors may have different opinions. Doing research helps you to understand the reality behind it.


  • Explore related interests
    Sometimes, in order to grasp the importance of something, we need to understand how much it has been used in relation to the others. So understanding the related topics is vital in learning more about the main topic.


  • Use social media
    Social media can come in handy with your research and the current discussions about the topic. You can learn about the opinion of your peers and try to test the waters by giving in your opinions. It’s like, you can evaluate your standards without divulging more.


  • Develop your own perspective
    When you believe that you have learned maximum of what it is about the topic, try to come up with your own perspective. A theory which matters to the topic, shedding some light on intricate details about it, may help in gaining some public exposure.


  • Be open to ideas
    Be open to others’ take on your topic. Try to get a view from their perspective, which aids in getting an added opinion and helps in better understanding of the topic.


  • Expand your vocabulary
    Ok, this may seem way out of league, but if you want the society to see you as an intellectual, then you must be sure to add some complicated words in your talks, draw out a little complex way of speaking, to make them consider you as one.