Positivity is the truth about all our lives and the elemental concept on which all our lives and the very nature of the existence of this planet is based on. Positivity is confidence about the things we do and the belief in our selves. All the people who believe in external forces for their luck are the people who lack positivity in their lives.


The people who are quite aware about the importance of positivity manage their lives smartly and some of us invite fame or some find happiness in what we have. But basically it means to be happy with everything you have no matter about the things you don’t have, they are of least importance in our lives.

But sometimes some situations arise with gloomy atmosphere and manage to drag us out of positivity filling our minds with negativity. We began to feel low about one or other aspect of our life, and no matter how meagre that negative aspect is it covers our mind and prevents us from retrieving towards positive aspects.

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So the best thing to do to woo ourselves towards positivity instantly would be to keep our surroundings clean, by this I do not mean that we should take up a cleanliness drive and clean the entire garbage in our area, no! Not this advanced level cleaning. It would be the best thing to do but not at this point as it might lead to more stress, because the quantity of that garbage would be more and difficult for a single person to manage.

We can began with simple aspects like, cleaning up the area where we sleep, the area where we spend the most of our time, our desk, the sofa maybe or any area where spend our time and this will surely help to switch to positive frequency because our surroundings contribute towards our thinking and our attitude.

Cleanliness contributes towards spirituality providing us space to reflect on the positive aspects of our lives and subsiding all the negative thoughts and instantly changing our frequency to positivity. As it is rightly said that ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’.

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