When I was having a marathon of the English series ‘Vampire diaries’, I got totally immersed in it and realized that I had actually believed that vampires were real the whole time I watched! So I thought, ‘What if there really were vampires and that the humans had known about them?’

Do you know that there is a mention about vampires in the history? The Sculptures of Delphi gave a glimpse into what was considered as the early periods of vampires.

Let’s just assume that vampires do exist and it is a public knowledge, then there would be many unclosed cases of murders for the police. Unidentified animal attacks and unidentified bodies would arise.

Girls love vampires that they have asked actor depicting Edward Cullen in the Twilight series, to bite them! So if vampires are real, our human guys would not stand a chance at a relationship with human girls! Many girls would be busy in wooing vampires to have a vampire boyfriend, trying to relive the Twilight series, while human guys would be looking at vampire girls because, let’s face it, girls look beautiful when they are a vampire!

vampire video

The growth of population will be stunted! Unless every girl is like Bella, vampires can’t give birth and this would actually be a good thing for the world.

If the vampires are brilliant, they would find a way to walk out in sun. Create some kind of ring, like in ‘Vampire Diaries’, or some chemicals, to help them walk around freely.

Instead of world war between humans, Vampire wars would be on the high side, and nations would be brought together to stop these wars! The good and the bad vampires fighting, with the latter converting many humans into vampires.

A separate school would be required to tame the young vampires to satisfy their need for blood. Blood banks will be separately opened for the vampires’ consumption. May be they would have their own grocery store, with different tastes of blood being sold there!

There would even be some reservation for vampire kids in schools, colleges and government offices!

‘Two States’ by Chetan Bhagat would have been ‘Two Species’! All our romantic stories would be re-written and Shah Jahan-Mumtaz story would not be considered an epic as there would be some other great stories of love between vampires and humans portrayed in a different light.

A world with vampires will be an interesting place to live in, with its shares of advantages and disadvantages, but I’m sure it will never be a boring place to be in. With all the blood baths and specialties and privileges for vampires, it would still be a refreshing life to lead along with them.