In this world of chaos sometimes we come across someone who reignites our hope that not all has been lost. Humanity still exists in one or the other feeble forms.

Last night me and my friends went out for a party. The four of us had a great time together. We were quite high and it was getting very late. Calls had started coming from home asking about our whereabouts.
Delhi is very unsafe for women especially at night and parents are bound to be concerned about their daughter ‘s safety.

Unfortunately our car broke down. The two  boys in our gang of four tried everything but the car didn’t budge. We girls were getting tensed. The boys decided to hire an auto for us. We tried a lot but in vain. None of the auto drivers were ready to go to our destination citing reasons like they won’t get a passenger back. Others were asking exorbitant charges. Nobody was ready to go on meter.

Finally we stopped an auto and asked the driver if he would go to our destination. We also added that we are ready to pay extra. The auto driver asked us to get in. We asked him how much will he charge and he said : “First you get in then I will say.”

We got in and the boys took photograph of the auto’s license plate. The auto driver looked up and asked  if the boys  are taking photographs. They said yes as the   girls are traveling alone at night and that they noted down the number for safety reasons.

The driver surprised us by saying :

“Take my picture as well in that case. “

He showed us a few newspaper clippings in which an article about him was printed along with his photograph. In the article it was written that this auto driver took an initiative to protect women  passengers and ensure their safety. He never asks extra money from anybody and always abide by the meter charges. He believes that dropping people in their home safely is the best reward for his services. The feeling of self – worth comes to him not by earning extra money but by doing his job with utmost honesty and sincerity.

The auto driver asked us to click his picture along with the newspaper clippings and upload it on Facebook, share it in whatsaap and other social networking sites so that he sets an example for others.

He also informed us that a leading newspaper have decided to publish his documentary by next month.

He has  three children. The eldest daughter is doing MBA from  University Of Delhi. The second child, a son, is in grade 12 and the youngest daughter is in grade 10.

He believes that providing education to his children is the best investment.

As we reached our home. The charge was only 60rs while the other auto drivers were asking us to pay more than 300 rs.

Delhi and the world would be a much better place if only there were more people like him.

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