I lost many things

And I achieved many things.

But many people thinks I lost my ‘real me’

And wearing a skin of a ‘fake me’.

But the reality is not this.

Yes I am a changed person.

But there’s a cause

For which this change is forced on.

I was known for my sweetness and simplicity

But today I am known as a ‘Hunterwali’.

I am no more that simple, sweet, bubbly and good girl

Rather I am the ‘Hunterwali’

After you made my world twirl.

I was sweet and always forgiving to you

But you never valued me

And created this ‘Hunterwali’ a new.

I always made you smile

But you always did the opposite.

I tried everything to be in your fit.

But in return what did you do?

Huh… just gave my heart a big slit.

Shame on you!!!

For killing an innocent one

And at the same time Kudos to you!!!

For creating a strong and a ferocious one.

Earlier my smile meant only a sweet smile.

But today there’s a dark secret under this veil.

I thought,

You and I will make a beautiful dream

But you made my life a night-mare

At which I was very afraid to stare.

But all those darkness gave me a light

And created ‘Hunterwali’– the mysterious knight.

Don’t make a mistake by thinking

Me to be the same soft and fragile.

Because this ‘Hunterwali’ is the outburst of the pain of guile.

So, now don’t think that

If you treat me bad and upset me

I won’t revert you back.

Because this ‘Hunterwali’  has the power

To just smile at you and turn your life into a broken shack.

Beware of me now!!

Because I am no more that sweet little girl.

Rather this ‘Hunterwali’ can swirl you

In her finger tips

And can turn your world upside down.

Because ‘Hunterwali’ is the creation of your violence and distress.

So be ready darling,

Because your life will take a turn new and fresh.

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