Whoa! It’s February again!!! The most romantic month of all and one of the most waited month, by the lovers. A month where we see different couples going to different extents to woo their partners, a month when people say, “love is in the air”, what all and what not?!!!

But now, I wanna talk about love.Apart from February, apart from couples, apart from those random crushes or those crazy flings. A love which we all tend to forget once we give in to someone else; self-love!!! Yes, my dear friends…We all fall in love at least once in a lifetime but most of the time, we forget ourselves.

Now, let me explain, why do I say so? Have you ever been so seriously in love with someone, that you ended up deciding to change yourself for that person in every possible way or have you ever seen someone doing the same? Have you ever tried giving too much of yourself to someone that the other person ended up only hurting your feelings? Ever sacrificed a lot for someone that you ended up losing the person and yourself? If any of the answers is yes, then believe me every time you did this, you ended up losing a part of yourself, ultimately you ended up hating yourself…!

I have seen people change the way a lot, just for their partners and at last, their partners leave them saying, “you’ve changed”. Some people go to rehab, being depressed while some commit suicide, all these happen, only when you start hating yourself.

Love is good and beautiful at the same time, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of “you“. Let no love affect you so badly, that you start hating yourself. No love is complete without you loving yourself… Remember one thing, until and unless you love yourself, you cannot love another person!!!

So keeping this tiny “gyaan” in mind move on, enjoy a romantic February ahead if you are in a relationship and don’t worry if you’re single…You still have someone to love (*wink* *wink* )!!!

In the end, I love y’all and above all,

I love, me!!! 🙂

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