After so many days of talking, playing and loving Arjun I am finally ready to propose my man. After I was done with exams and stuffs, I thought of saying it to Arjun. He knew my feelings though. He was going to his home town.

I called him. He was in train. He picked up the call. We talked for a while about randombakwas. I finally gathered all my confidence and said, ” Arjun, kuch bolna hai tumko….” “Haan bolo na.” Arjun said. “Ummm…actually. .. I don’t know how to say this but…” I said and took a pause. “Bolo kya hua? ” Arjun said. “Actually Arjun I love you. Can I be your girlfriend or rather will you be my boyfriend? ” I said.

As soon as I said this, the phone got disconnected. I thought he disconnected the call intentionally. So, I was in full of tears. Swasti saw me crying and she immediately called Arjun. Arjun got a shock when he heard that I was crying because I thought he disconnected the phone intentionally. He called me later and said, ” Oye tum ro rhi ho….Don’t cry girl. I don’t feel like saying this but I really respect your feelings and I know your feelings are very genuine. I wish I could say yes but I have some issues jiske liye I can’t say yes to you. Time aane pe I will tell you the reason and I didn’t disconnect the phone your call. Network mein problem hai yaar.” His words were sounding so perfect. My heart and eyes filled up with tears. Background pe jeena jeena baj raha tha jo Swasti ne unintentionally bajake rakkha tha. “Dekho ek baat Arjun. I respect you. So, I accept your decision but I can’t change my feelings. But we will continue as friends. “I said to him. We both were quite for moments. We both could feel each others emotions. Suddenly, I felt that the full scene was very filmy.

So, I started laughing but tears were continuously falling from my eyes. I told him why I was laughing and crying and he too had the same feeling.  We were somewhere happy and sad at the same time. I feel he has some serious issues but somewhere he too have feelings for me. I love you Arjun. I really love you and will always do.

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