I will always be engrossed in your thoughts.

Anyways I can’t quit from your thoughts but I can quit from this world, right!


I can never throw you away from my heart

But I can quit from my emotions totally for this life.


My tears may never be wiped out from my eyes,

But I can quit by closing my eyes permanently right?


The unknown pain hidden in me may not have any remedy

But I can quit where I will be free from this entire painful soars.


Even my breathing sounds your name dear.

But I want to quit where my breathe stops entirely.


Every moment memorizes you ultimately

But I can quit from my life where all these memories permanently vanish.


What to say still?

I explained you many times that how you are meant to my life…


Hey! I love you!


It is not just a word where two people are specially bonded for a short span,

Instead, it is such a worthful word which proves that two souls should be bonded for their life long.


Hope even you know about me much.

I didn’t ask you anything. I just want you not to leave me anytime soon

Because without you I can’t say my life is no more.

But want to say one thing without you I seriously don’t know how to live the rest of my life.

And that is the reason I have taken this decision to quit my life

Because I can’t hold this pain in my heart anymore, and can never accept someone else in your place with me. And moreover, you are not in such a position to listen to me.


It’s OK! Really I can’t withstand with all this for any more as I am totally vexed off with my life.




Bye, forever and ever.

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