I just wish I was a boy;
Not stuck in social constraints
And in unwritten norms.
I hate this thinking of yours;
I wish, I was a boy.

Always wanted to fly;
But never allowed due to my gender,
Being a girl your not vendor.
How dare you think I am a ‘thing’!
I wish, I was a boy

I feel to get out of here.
I want to achieve my goals.
But this chains around me,
Has sabotage my ideologies.
I wish, I was a boy.

I feel to bring a revolution;
An evolution that bring a social change.
Why being a girl is so pathetic?
Hope is what I crave for;
I wish, I was a boy.

I want to perceive my career.
I want to go out and see this world.
Life is so short and once,
I wish to live it to the fullest.
I wish, I was a boy.

Always locked in social norms,
Stuck in this jail.
When will this stereotypes end?
I hope for better change.
Till then; I wish to be a boy…