If Love was a book…

You would pretend to be its cover

Securing me with insecurity!


If Love was a book,

The pure white sheets of mine

Would turn rubbish with words of yours.


If Love was a book,

I would wish the readers to notice me in it,

But you would dominate me;

And, diminish my grandeur

With your black ink of love

Leaving me to the empty white corners.


If Love was a book,

The chapters of my life,

I would try to convey to the world.

But, you would suppress them all

And make your marks throughout.


If Love was a book,

And if your mistakes symbolize the folds in it,

Even they would hurt

The tip of my fingers with its sharpness

Whenever I try to make them okay.


You would think it as love and,

May try to conclude its plot happily.

But it is only me, who knows the reality;

Where my thoughts,

would forever remain unsaid.



How witty you would play, in the book

in the book; in my life!

In my life!


If Love was a book…

You would obviously cherish it,

But I would definitely burn it

And protect myself from the heat.

For, every love has its end

Just like the last page of a book.

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