Is Illuminati really exists or its just a myth? Who really are illuminati members? How illuminati is ruling world? For all of your ad-hoc queries, here comes the unseen facts about Illuminati.
Illuminati means enlightened. is a secret group which was formed in late 1700s by a group of people against superstitions. Some people believe, illuminatis worship devil and support bloodshed but this is not the case. Gradually, the number of people supporting illuminati increases as it leads to early success and everyone loves shortcuts.
The sign of illuminati is pyramid with an “all seeing” eye. These groups “ supposedly create own false conspiracy theory so that people fail to learn about their existence.” They know certain things before time and it was also believed that these groups were reason behind French Revolution, Battle of WaterLoo.
Many top celebrities of the world are illuminati members and ruling the world. Here is a list of top 7 celebrities supporting Illuminati.

  1.  Barack Obama: The most powerful man of world, president of America. He was the first black American to be the president and rule for 10 years. In the history it was never believed that some African American will rule the country or will rule the world. There are certain facts which prove Obama as a member of illuminati. His devil horns picture that got viral on internet while he was addressing the nation on his plans for military action against the Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS, from the Cross Hall of the White House, Sept. 10, 2014 .
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Moreover, Have a look on dollar 1 note. You will see an “all seeing” eye encapsulated in pyramid on the left side of the note. Since then dollar is touching sky, its rising and rising more. The economy of America is boosting up to such an height that it has become the powerful nation of world.

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2.  Lady Gaga: The world famous pop star from America, who is known by a five year old kid to seventy year plus man. “Gaga” means mindless,thus  her name” lady gaga” represents a empty-headed lady. She does things differently, and whatever she does is just loved by whole world . She is a member of Illuminati which can be easily proved from her pictures. If you will look at her portfolio, most of her pictures are shot with a peephole eye or one eye covered . This truly shows her support to illuminati.

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3. Pope Francis: The 266th pope of  Roman Catholic Church.You will be shocked too. How can pope be the part of illuminati? But, have you ever noticed his historic speech before congress where he starts his speech with an Illuminati hand sign instead of prayers like other Pope used to do.

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This picture of pope arouse thousands of questions about the background of pope. The truth is already hidden in his hand signs.

4. Jay-Z: The world famous Rapper. He is one of the most financially successful hip hop artists and entrepreneur in America. The latest example which proves the connection between Jay-z and Illuminati is Grammy Awards. Do you remember while receiving his Grammy award this year, he made a speech,”I wanna thank god  ….a little”. This statement made several controversies.

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Moreover, he named his daughter “Blue Envy” in the name of illuminati.

source Popsugar

5. Honey Singh: The Indian rapper, world wide famous, another meember of Illuminati. If not? Why do he always poses a pyramid of hands? He is one of the most successful singer and rapper who started from scratch and never failed. Do you remember any failed song of Honey Singh? No. Is this a miracle? Or Illuminati working for his success.

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Moreover, his album “ SATAN” was released in 2012 in the name of devil.

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6. Saif Ali Khan: The Nawab of Bollywood, son of a famous cricketer is also a member of Illuminati. He named his production house as “Illuminati productions”, which was started in 2009 with the release of Love Aj kal, the hit movie of the year. Another hits from same productions are  Cocktail , released in 2012 and Badlapur released this year.

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7. John Cena: The World wide famous WWE Star who is also a successful actor in Hollywood. He is the best wrestler whose graph is always on increasing mode, never declines. He is one of the best wrestlers who had beat each and every wrestler once in his career. He always poses with a pyramid of hands representing his support for Illuminati.

source John Cena Fan Club

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