Coming thousands of kilometres away in a crowd of people about whom you dont know anything and living with them, accepting the vast cultural differences of the place, different lifestyles, different language, linguistic gap, ideology gap, gap in the thought process and living . Its really very challenging when you leave your home with certain desires of doing better in life and step into a new place.

One feels like a new place will give them a number of ways to learn and explore but what if he ends up being encircled in a group of condescending people who may be hollow from inside but potray a beautiful shade of metallic cover over them. When we come in a new place, we face a number of challenges.

When somebody is born and bought up with a certain ideological way how is it possible to eradicate the same in few month? Its really tough to convince oneself when all the surrounding injects negetivity by looking down upon them. But the ultimate winner is the one who can change their stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

By accepting the fact that the condescending comments can actually help in building one’s personality. By wearing one’s weakness as an armour and deciding to move forth to strive towards success one can liberate oneself from the fear of segregation and lost identity in the city.