I am an insignificant woman –

According to many.

Always watching, The vigilante,

That’s what they call themselves.

Always waiting,

For my feet to falter,

For me to take the fall.

A good girl does not laugh,

The tinkle of it could summon the devil,

A good girl does not wear this, or that,

Her skin could set you ablaze at mere sight,

A thousand other things a good girl does not do,

Living her life tops the list.

A good girl is always your responsibility

Incapable, fragile and breakable.

Is it the kohl around her eyes?

Or the curves of her body?

That makes her your business?

My feet are too big

To fill her size 4 shoes,

Length of my skirt might scandalize you,

My choices have wings, too powerful to be caged.

Dear brother, aunt and all well wishers,

My body is mine.

It is not your personal locker,

Nor are my choices, dusty files at your table,

Awaiting your stamp of approval.

Another mad raging feminist, you mock

Another girl, gone wayward

You make a song about it.

As if it is a dirty window pan you are scrubbing,

Not another spirit, not another heart you are tearing.

When will you see?

That I have a choice without the “conditions applied” tag,

That I am capable of living, or dying,

Without your wishes hovering over me.