That immense amount of happiness when the picture you posted on Instagram hit likes more than the previous picture. I have been there and it really felt like a million bucks. In this generation where the social media has taken over the world, every person in this world has become a hardcore social media users. These users can be divided in to active users and the users who just check their social media to be updated about the latest gossip, news or trends going around on the internet.

There are a lot of websites existing today where people have been updating their lives through either posting statuses or by uploading pictures. But most common thing which I find is that people only post when there is something huge going on in their lives. A new job, a promotion, a brand new accessory or that one time you had a lot of fun hanging out with your friends.

I am sure there are very few who upload their sorrows in life on social media but that sight is rare to be found. People are generally interested in what great is going on in your life rather than encouraging you in your hard times. If you have ever noticed there are more number of likes on a post which depicts happy moments of a couple and very few likes on a statuses which a women had posted relating to how hard her life is.


Let me be completely honest with you. I check my social media almost multiple times a day. I go through my feed and see posts related to my friends or any other person having fun at the party which they had been to last night. Or I see this beautiful lady posing in front of this amazing mountain and having the best time of her life or this incredible looking latte of this adorable looking café that I have never been to. While I go through these posts my mind just keep asking “why isn’t my life so happening or why I am just scrolling through my screen rather than heading out and doing something productive?” and I am not alone.

There are hundreds of people facing the same phase as I do.I wonder why don’t people post statuses or upload pictures when they are sad or just not feeling themselves lately. Not to forget I myself am guilty of posting such pictures. If you had to go through my Instagram feed you will find only those pictures where I had the best time of my life or pictures which show how fancy I dress up for certain occasions. My followers might also think the same way as I do at least once a while when they see those pictures.

My take on such situations is simple. Whenever you feel different after looking at a picture on your Instagram feed, immediately go to your own feed. Look at your own pictures and have reminisce those times you had the time of your life. Feel happy for the person whose pictures or statuses bother you. Posting pictures of their accomplishments on social media makes the person happy, our job is to encourage them and take part in their happiness.

Never degrade the person’s achievements nor degrade yourself for not being able to accomplish yours. It is quite reasonable for a person to behave this way. It is the human physiology which tends make a person jealous or make them compare with others.When you see a picture of someone travelling around the world, for a change get inspired by them make a goal to accomplish such tasks which was long due on your bucket list.

Compare yourself with the other to have a healthy competition for yourself, which motivates you and inspires you to get up and reach you ambition. Its a crazy world out there, if something bothers you either mend your brain in understanding or let it go and get along with your life.

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