Instagram Stroller

By: Oviya Balan


Are you one of those who are not too active in Instagram? Then you got to read this. I am here to explain how being active in Instagram has its own positives.

Instagram is a social media where people posts the pictures which they like, and which they want to share it to others (sometimes to their beloveds or to their enemies and sometimes to strangers too).Not everyone can be in touch with others in this busy world, and getting to know the other’s life without taking much effort is always a bonus. That’s where Instagram stands strong. Like every other social media, this also connects people with one another.

Also when you are all alone and you have nothing else to do, *tada* there comes this awesome social media. You can just scroll through various pictures that people post, laugh at all the memes, also update yourself in various ways (say fashion, cooking, artistic works etc) .

But what is so special about this app? Why should one prefer Instagram over any other social media app when it comes to knowing about the people he/she cares about? And are those times spent in this worth it? This is something everyone asks but their answer mostly is “Blaaa, it’s all for fun and time pass”. According to me Instagram is more than just a time passing place.

You can find various kinds of Instagram-ers. The ones who post pictures of their pet animals, or their favourite cars, their favourite destinations, their favourite actors and actresses, families, relatives, friends, the products they make like jewels, baked stuffs etc. Have I ever got bored with these people’s post? My answer would be a big NO. People might tell that I am obsessed with it but the truth is this place is more than just an app for me. It’s where I get to learn life lessons.

When I see people posting pictures with a smiling face, though I know not all their smiles are real, I like the way how they hold their dignified smile instead of letting people know their dull and painful inner sufferings. If they can do it, we can too. We can wear our smiles up our sleeves and show people that we are capable of tackling all the pain and can hold the laughter forever.

Similarly, when people posts pictures of their travelling time, I get inspired to travel. A cooking picture inspires me to either cook or to eat (a girl has to eat too ) .

Street View photography is my favourite amongst all the types of pictures we see in Instagram. A simple shot of the world we take on our way to home to or to work in those busy traffic time, might just bring in some extraordinary meaning to the whole mankind and to our lives.

Likewise every picture has various perspectives. It’s also astonishing to know how a simple photo of a dog can make one’s morning happier and how a picture of some random baby can put a smile in our faces. I can go on and on about it.

On the whole, Instagram will be the place where I would love to be, and I would never regret the time I spent in it. My little time spent in strolling down the Instagram road is as great as having a red velvet cake in the good rainy day. Delicious!

Okay coming back to where we were –

Yes, I am a proud Instagram user.

I call myself “the stroller” who gets to see the various aspects of life and meanings behind every tiny thing through the simplest pictures getting posted on my timeline.

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