Pata nhi kyu kisi naye insaan ko jaanne
Usse samajhne aur bardaash karne ki himmat ab mujhme nahi rahi

Mai toh aaj bhi zindagi ke uss mod pe khadi intezaar kar Rahi hu….

Ki kab voh aaye…

Aur mujhe apnaye…

Uska mann saaf hai..

usme ek ajeeb si maasomiyat hai

.. uski har ek baat jaise chashni mai ghuli ho…

voh itna pyaara hai..

dusro ke khatir apni icchaye  kurbaan karta hai…

… mere zindagi ki sabse badi sachayi hai.
. pyaar hai..

. Kabhi Kabhi dard hota hai..

yeh sochke ki hum…

paas hoke bhi duur hai..

ek dusre se beinteha mohabbat karte hai par kabhi jata nhi paate.

. jab saath the… toh kabhi socha hi nhi. ki.. duur bhi ho jayenge ..

hazaron sapne bune the humne..

bhagvan se roz bus yahi mannat mangte the..

ki hamara pyaar ka rishta kabhi na toote.

. aur shayad bhagvan ki kripa se

… hum abhi bhi ek dusre ki Zindagi mai hai..

Bus hamare iss rishte ka naam ab

Dosti hai!

English Translation

I can’t do this anymore

I can’t pretend to be happy in this relationship

Am sorry!

I tried but I can’t fall in love with you

I married you thinking that eventually I will love you

I was wrong

The reason is Him

I can’t forget Him

I can’t forget the dreams we had for each other

I can’t move on

Am still stuck in that moment waiting for him to come for me

He is the most sweetest person I have ever met

There is a strange innocence in him

His every word uttered from his lips are like dripped in honey

He is very loving

He always places others before him

He has sacrificed so much of his desires for others

He the biggest truth of my life

He is my love

I don’t have the strength to get to know another person, to understand and to bear anyone other than him

I am in despair

Even after being in each others sight,
We are apart!

When we were together we never thought that we would be separated

Everything feels so surreal

We love each other so much yet we can’t  express it to each other

I am choking inside

My overwhelming emotions are suffocating me

We had always prayed to God to let us spend the rest of our lives with each other

Was that too much to ask?

Maybe God did listen to us partially

We still are in each other’s life

Though we call it


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